New Patient

We Are
Accepting New Patients

Welcome to Enamel! We are happy that you are considering us as a provider to your dental health and we can’t wait to meet you! Please call the office if you want Dr. Ho to look at a specific area of concern or you’d like to have a comprehensive exam and cleaning.

At Enamel, every new patient will be greeted upon your arrival. We will then ask you to fill out a health history questionnaire (which you can download at the link below ahead of time). Our staff will then seat you and go over all your oral health concerns. A necessary radiograph will then be taken. You will receive a comprehensive exam on your teeth and gum before receiving a gentle cleaning with the hygienists.

Dr. Ho will then come in to finish the comprehensive exam and review x-rays or images with you. Please do not feel shy asking any questions you have as this is your time to discuss any oral health issue with your dental professionals. Dr. Ho will give you all options as we go over your treatment plan. Our goal is to have you feel relaxed and be fully involved with your oral health. Call us today to schedule an appointment to meet Dr. Ho to discuss your need or to just come in to meet him and tour the office.